Impianto orto in permacultura
percorso barefooting
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Barefoot in the garden

Walking barefoot, enjoying direct contact with Nature, advancing, slowly, on different materials, letting themselves be involved in the experience, gives intense sensations, stimulates the reflected areas of the foot and invigorates the spirit.
Take off your shoes and walk to the edges of our garden in permaculture trampling on the different materials: bamboo reeds, river stones, Carrara bowls, cherry hazelnuts, pine bark.

The entire weight of our body weighs on our feet and our walking is centered on them. They also play an important role in all our movements, because they are made as a part of them.

However, footwear, in addition to being rarely well modeled on the feet (the shape of which varies from person to person, and often from the right to the left in the same person), take away sensitivity and, based on what has been said before, it is easy to imagine how much this can be reflected in a chain of delicate muscle and skeletal balances of our body.

The imprint of a normal foot should be roughly triangular in shape, with a vertex corresponding to the heel, while the shoes usually have a tapered anteriorm shape

the opposite of the natural geometry of the foot. Compression from this resulting on the toes, the blockage of any movement of them, causes the muscles of these to weaken. This completely changes the correct balance of the whole body, whose center of gravity moves forward, with negative effects on the bones of the entire skeleton. This situation is worsened with women’s high-heeled shoes, as the weight of the body, instead of weighing on the heel, which would normally support most of the load, moves on the bones of the fingers, much more delicate, resulting in fatigue, until it causes forms of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Walking barefoot, in addition to properly exercising the muscles of the foot and favoring a correct distribution of loads, it promotes perspiration (the sole of the foot

it has among the highest concentrations of sweat glands throughout the body), produces a reflexological massage that positively stimulates the whole body, promotes the blood circulation of the lower limbs and, consequently, that of the whole body.

A final but not negligible aspect, in this case biophysical, of the barefoot, is that in direct contact with the soil, there is an equalization of the electrical potential of the organism with that of the soil: the bioelectric mechanisms of our body already tend naturally, especially in pathological situations, to create imbalances of electrical charge. Further cause of accumulation of electric charges is given by the insulating effect of the shoe that forms, in practice, an electric capacitor, or rather, even an electrostatic machine of which our body is one of the poles. This phenomenon has also been noted by shoe manufacturers who have tried to remedy it by inserting copper wires into the sole, which should discharge the electrostatic energy accumulated towards the ground: with mediocre results, since, consumed the thin straw of copper that goes towards the ground, the body remains isolated again. The effects of such electrostatic imbalances are manifold, primarily on the nervous system: the closure of the circuit to the ground is perhaps not enough to completely eliminate any problem, but it can certainly improve the situation related to states of anxiety, stress and depression.

Source: Wikipedia

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