Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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To request room information or availability, you can email us or use the contact form or call the numbers listed below.

At the time of booking, the customer is required to pay an advance equal to 30 of the total value of the stay by wire transfer, PayPal or credit card. The balance will be paid on arrival.

The room is confirmed only by sending our booking confirmation email that contains the details of your stay in the B&B.


The date on which the e-mail was sent by the customer to notify him of the cancellation is considered valid by the date of the cancellation.

Early departures dependent on the customer during the stay for any reason are not refundable..

If the cancellation takes place no later than seven days before the date of arrival, no charge will be charged to the customer who is entitled to request a refund of what is possibly anticipated by wire transfer or PayPal. If you have used your escrow credit card nothing will be withdrawn from the account.

If the cancellation takes place less than seven days from the date of arrival the customer will lose the advance paid.

  • In the event of a reservation made by bank transfer, the owner will return to the customer the amount paid by him, according to subsequent agreements between the parties, withholding for himself a share of 10 euros for administrative expenses.
  • In the case of a credit card booking, it will be the customer’s care to indicate how to refund

Unless our guests special needs, the delivery of the rooms is scheduled between 16:00 and 19:00, please please communicate the scheduled arrival time at least on the morning of the day of arrival itself.

Guests are invited upon arrival:

  • to provide a document of recognition for the compilation of the P.S. card for each person present
  • to regularize the payment of the booked stay
  • to indicate the preferred time for breakfast and any intolerances or special needs
Check OUT

Check-out is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Please remember to return the keys to the room.


Breakfast is prepared expressly and served at the table in the living room between 8.30am and 10am. Please provide the desired time.

On request it can be both sweet and salty. On the table you will find mocha coffee, hot and cold milk, the necessary to prepare a tea, hot croissants, homemade jams and biscuit slices, yogurt, cereal flakes, fruit salad or fresh fruit, we always prepare a baked cake to serve it freshly baked. Eggs, omelettes or anything else that can make your breakfast pleasant.

If you have food intolerances or allergies, please report it to us when you arrive.


The cleaning of the room is daily,the change of linen takes place every 3 days. Please clear the room by 10.30am to allow the refurbishment and cleaning, after that time the cleaning is not guaranteed.


Inside the bedroom and bathroom you will find everything you need: the necessary to prepare you a hot drink, fresh drinks in the fridge, blankets, pillows, towels, bathrobes, personal hygiene products, hairdryers. For any other necessity do not hesitate to ask, we will do everything possible to please you.

In the living room you can see books and guides made available. Feel free to borrow them for the period of your stay.


The agreed price for the stay in our B&B includes breakfast, the supply of towels, bathrobes and sheets, daily cleaning, changing linen every 3 days, the use of TV, air conditioners, wi-fi and the use of all bathroom accessories. Drinks taken from the fridge-bar (see price list) are excluded.


Exclusively in the Bi room, with independent access, pets are welcome if polite and not noisy. Out of respect for customers it is absolutely forbidden to let them sleep in the beds. At the end of the stay, there will be a surcharge for extraordinary cleaning.


Help us not to waste energy: turn off the lights and the heating when you go out. The exterior is equipped with automatic ignition lighting.

The farmhouse is equipped with a biological pit,so we invite you not to throw anything in the w.c. except for toilet paper.


Free and password-free wi-fiis available throughout the property.

  • For the Romantic room connect to: Poggioba_RPT
  • For room Overview connect to: Poggioba_RPT_EXT
Please note that smoking is prohibited throughout the internal structure.