Piazza della Repubblica
La Piccola Gerusalemme
La Sinagoga
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We have been living here for several years, but every time you get under Pitigliano, when after the last corner this suddenly shows up, we can not hold back an exclamation of amazement. It looks like a ship floating in the surrounding woods, an ancient crib and at the same time a complex Esherian architecture.

Definitely worth a visit. Strolling through its alleys at every corner awaits a surprise, a terrace resembling the tella of a ship, a narrow passage from which you can see a glimpse of the surrounding territory, the gorge of a cellar strictly dug in the tuff.

The characteristic old town is also known as the small Jerusalem,both for the similar skyline and for the historical presence of a Jewish community,always well integrated in the social context that here has its own synagogue.

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