La Fortezza Orsini
Porta dei Merli
Porta di Sopra

Di Hans Peter Schaefer - Opera propria, Copyrighted free use, Collegamento

Il Masso Leopoldino
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Ancient Etruscan city – also known for its shape as the Matera of Tuscany – founded on a fortress and surrounded by imposing defensive walls.

A visit to Sorano is a journey through time. It is nice to get lost aimlessly in the narrow alleys of the village, which is accessed through arches and drawbridges, with the houses perched and lying on a tufa cliff on the top of which stands a fortress. This is the Orsini Fortress, an imposing fortified and residential complex located in a dominant position with respect to the whole town and the surrounding area. From the top of the terrace you can enjoy a special view of the whole village, while the underground are a veritable labyrinth of galleries.

Just near the fortress stands out what is known as the Leopold Masso, a large tuff stone whose walls were sanded by hand and on whose top was built a kind of terrace.

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