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The small village of Sovana, which has preserved the appearance of the classic medieval village, is certainly worth a visit 3 km from PoggioBa. At the entrance to the village you will find the ruins of the imposing 11th-century Rock Aldobrandesca, built over an ancient Etruscan building, and fallen into disrepair around the 17th century.

Walking along the street of the Pretorio, whose herringbone is partly still the original, you will arrive in Piazza del Pretorio. The building in the center, with a large clock on the facade and sailed bell tower, is the Palace of the Archive (12th century) once home to the municipality.

On the left side of the square, you’ll find the late-Roman St. Mary’s Church, where you can admire a wonderful pre-Roman food that is supposed to have been taken from the old church of St. Mamiliano.

Next to the Bourbon del Monte Palace, we find the early Christian church of San Mamiliano, now converted into a museum. It is one of the oldest buildings in Sovana, built over a pre-existing Etruscan structure, according to some it was the first cathedral in the country, built in the 9th century. to preserve the relics of San Mamiliano from the Island of Giglio. It houses the treasure of Sovana, found in 2004 during the restoration of the building. The tesoretto consists exclusively of coins minted under Emperor Leo I, in power between 457 and 474 A.D., followed by those minted under Emperor Antemius who ruled between 467 and 472 d. C

On the right side of the square, we find the Palazzo Pretorio,a 14th-century building that has on its facade numerous coats of arms traced back to the captains of the people and commissioners of Siena who ruled Sovana between the four hundred and the sixteenth century; Today the Palazzo Pretorio houses the documentation center on the history and archaeology of Sovana.

Leaving the square and taking away the Cathedral we will head towards the Cathedral. On this street we will find the house of Ildebrando Aldobrandeschi who in 1073 became Pope under the name of Gregory VII. The Sovana Cathedral is one of the most important Gothic Romanesque buildings in Tuscany.

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Leaving the country, leaving to the left, a few kilometers visit the Etruscan necropolis,with monumental cave tombs including the Ildebranda (named after Ildebrando, Pope Gregory VII, born in Sovana), the tombs of Pula, the Typhoon, the Mermaid, the numerous semi-dad tombs and last in order of discovery the tomb of the winged Demons.

You can also stroll through the mysterious Cavia Caves of Cavone and San Sebastiano.

- on foot -

Arriving in Sovana on foot, passing through woods and vineyards, is easy following the indicated path.


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