The baths of Saturnia

The Falls, or Mill Falls,are among the most beautiful free spas in Tuscany. They are located halfway between Montemerano and Saturnia.

The 37-degree sulphurous water waterfall overlooks a small expanse of natural pools where you can indulge in a nice restorative bath.

A couple of kilometres away is the one of the largest spas in Europe with five outdoor thermal pools, hot tubs and hot and cold-water vascular routes: a vast spa reserve entirely dedicated to wellness.

The thermal waters of Saturnia are sulphurous and rich in beneficial properties, they are particularly suitable in the treatment of dermatological, respiratory and circulatory pathologies.

The water of Saturnia Baths has specific therapeutic and healing properties:

  • Inflammatory action on the muscular and skeletal apparatus
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Increases lung ventilation
  • Facilitates the fluidization of secretions
  • If drunk develops an antioxidant and liver-protector effect
  • Exfoil, cleanse and has antiseptic properties on the skin
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces osteoarticular pain
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